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Plans, workshops and framing kits for the 18th century naval enthusiast.
Fully lofted plans to scratch build a Swan or Echo class model
HMS Pegasus, 1767. Scratch built Swan class sloop of war. Constructed by Greg Herbert from the plans designed by David Antscherl.
We're all about authenticity!

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from Admiralty Models!!!
After many years of painstaking work by our talented programmer Denis Rakaric our Swan class virtual 3D build is available for purchase. Each step of the construction of the model is rendered in hi-resolution pictures following the Fully Framed Ship Model series chapter by chapter.  You will have a hard time discerning between Denis's renders and my model! In addition to every chapter of the four volume book you will also find virtual tours of the fully framed ship as well as the completed rigged vessel. Finally, included is a video of the computer frame making process.

The four volume Fully Framed Ship Model series by David Antscherl and Greg Herbert is already the most complete treatise of the construction of a mid-sevententh century British naval vessel. This compilation of renderings and videos takes it to the next level. Whether you are building a Swan class shop model, another of a similar period or are just a fan of naval architecture then you will want this product.

Order via PayPal to dvm27@comcast.net. Price is $48 US and $53 outside of the US. It will be provided on a thumb drive (13 GB!) and the files can be read by any computer running Windows.
Swan class 3D model now available!!!

After a bit of a hiatus our Swan class plans are now available from our publisher SeaWatch Books. The sheer, half-breadth and body plan along with the masting and sparring plan are printed on large sheets. The frames, transoms, hawse timbers, etc. are digital downloads. here is a link to the page where they may be ordered: Swan class plans from Sea Watch
Commissioned carved work starting at $300, depending on complexity.