Admiralty Models
Admiralty Models is a partnership between Greg Herbert and David Antscherl. What started out as a chance meeting in an elevator at a Nautical Guild Conference has developed into a collaboration that has lasted for over a decade.  In all this time a practicum was written for almost 100 participants, workshops have been held throughout the US and Canada, four books have been published and products for scratch model ship builders have been developed. We take great pride in our work, which is hopefully reflected in the quality of our products.
Greg Herbert, D.V.M
David Antscherl
HMS Polyphemus constructed by professional ship model builder David Antscherl, 1:48 scale.
David Antscherl undertakes commission work for anything from a fully rigged, encased ship model to delicate carvings or smaller projects, such as a ship's boat. These are custom built to order by one of the world's premiere ship model builders.  Built to the highest standards using materials and methods guaranteed to stand the test of time. Or perhaps you'd like a custom set of plans lofted from an Admiralty draught.  Admiralty Models provides all these services.  Some commissioned models in private collections are shown below.  Serious enquiries may be directed to
Set of ships boats, scale 1:48
Figurehead and stern carvings for the Fireship Comet, 1:48 scale
The Greenwich Hospital barge of 1832 for Sale!

If you have ever wanted to own a true museum quality ship model, now is your chance. For the first time, David Antscherl is offering a scratch built ship model to the general public. All of his other models are in private collections.  His Greenwich Hospital barge barge has been drafted and built from the Admiralty draughts and it's construction is featured on the Model Ship World web forum. The Greenwich Hospital barge is described by David Antscherl in this document. Serious enquiries may be directed to our Admiralty Models e-mail address.