Echo cross-section and Fitting out package
For those wishing to create a fully framed ship model, but with limited scratch building experience, Admiralty Models has developed a cross-section package. Building our model of Echo will expose you to the techniques and skills required to progress to a fully framed Swan or Echo class model. A midships slice of Echo has been chosen for this model.
This project is fully supported in several ways. Beautifully dimensioned Castello boxwood for the keel, false keel, rising wood and every individual futtock is provided in labeled pouches, milled by Crown Timberyard. A CD is also provided, containing the following:

All twelve lofted frames (.pdf format)
Complete instructions (.doc format) by David Antscherl
PowerPoint build log by Greg Herbert
Files illustrating the carriage construction, half-breadth, building jig and       more
List of scantlings from the actual Echo class Nautilus contract

Cross-sectional model of Echo, 1781, by Greg Herbert, D.V.M.
Echo cross-section
Echo fitting out package
For those of you wishing to take your fully framed cross-section to the next, level Admiralty Models has compiled a fitting out package to take part, or all, of the hull to completion. Working with Crown Timberyard, we can now offer a comprehensive timbering set to fully plank and fit out your Echo class cross-section. Included is a beautifully milled package of dimensioned boxwood and holly. Full and detailed instructions, written and illustrated by David Antscherl, are available in PDF format for download. Price of the fitting out package is $295 for US customers (postage included) and $320 for overseas customers. Payment via PayPal to