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These have been drawn up expressly for model makers who wish to build a fully framed model. Drawn to the classic scale of 1:48, each set consists of a plan sheets that include sheer and profile, half-breadth and body plan. As well all patterns for the floors, futtocks, toptimbers, hawse timbers and transoms are included.  

The above set, augmented by copies of contemporary plans of a Swan or Echo class ship-rigged sloop from the National Maritime Museum (now Royal Museums Greenwich), makes a fully authentic model possible. With care, time and patience you can produce a model like the one shown here. 

The assistance of the RMG is gratefully acknowledged. A complete listing of plans may be viewed by clicking the PDF link (use Adobe Reader).

To order, e-mail the relevant plans list (with J references) with vessel name/date to the Picture Library: pictures@rmg.co.uk 

They will explain the ordering process for plans, costs, payment methods and other details.

As an adjunct, complete information on the hulls, masts, spars and rigging of 18th century ship sloops may be found in David Antscherl and Greg Herbert's four volume set, The Fully Framed Model, HMN Swan Class Sloops, 1767-1780, available from SeaWatchBooks

For modelers without facilities to mill wood to specified dimensions, Crown Timberyard offers complete framing packages for the Swan and Echo class of ships, based on David Antscherl's plans. They may be viewed on the Crown site.

The Swan class, designed by John Williams, was approved in 1766. 97' 6"in length, each carried 125 men and were armed with either fourteen or sixteen 6-pounder cannon. After 1794, 12 pounder carronades were added. A total of 25 Swan class vessels were built. "As built" plans for many are available from RMG, so that a truly accurate model is possible.

The Echo class, designed by Edward Hunt, shows French design influence. These ships were initially rated to carry sixteen 6 pounders plus four 12 pounder carronades, were 101' 4" in length and carried 125 men. Six ships of this class were built. Their ornamentation was simpler than the Swan class, so may be more attractive subjects for those who do not carve.

More information on the Echo class by David Antscherl may be read here.

The mast and sparring plan illustrates every mast, yard, boom and top etc. The 24’’ x 36’’ sheet is at 1:48 scale with full size dimensions provided.  This plan is suitable for Swan or Echo class ships, as well as any sixth rate. The comprehensive plan includes seldom seen details such as the fish davit and fire boom.
The recent sale of Sea Watch Books is great news to the ship model community and Swan class builders in particular! Our books and plans are again available. Please contact Sea Watch Books to begin your Swan journey.