Modelling Tips
A Primer on Planking by David Antscherl - A short course on the principles of planking a hull including the development of plank shapes by spiling and laying out the hull.
Planking in progress of Comet, 1783, by David Antscherl at 1:48 scale.
Making a ship's lantern by David Antscherl. How to fabricate a beautiful ship's lantern incorporating the photo-etched body available from Admiralty Models.
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Echo cross-section framing instructions
Echo cross-section framing materials list
Echo cross-section fitting out instructions
Echo cross-section Power Point build
Swan framing materials list

Should you decide to build the echo cross-section copy of the CD including the frame patterns, sheer plan, Power Point presentation of the build and numerous photos of the model during construction is available for $25, plus postage. Please inquire to