Fabricating a beautiful sail is a time-consuming process. In order to facilitate this,
we provided a homework assignment for the participant to complete prior to the workshop.
It consisted of making a frame to stretch the sail material over. The jig is shown below.

Some comments from previous workshop participants:

"I too want to thank David and Greg for a very informative workshop.  As always, I learned so much."

"Many thanks for your superb workshop. As with the others I have gone to, I learned a lot, and had a great time.  I really appreciate all the time the two of you put into the preparation and organization, and the tremendous quality of the instruction."

"It was a terrific workshop. David, you are an excellent teacher. Could not be improved upon..."

Admiralty Models will be offering a brand new workshop directly following the Nautical Research Guild annual meeting in October, 2017,  Tampa Bay, Florida. It will take place in the same hotel venue, October 29 -30, and we will be able to offer the same room rates. A brief description follows:

Have you been put off modeling an 18th century ship by the complexity of the headwork? Then this workshop is for you! Learn the hows and whys of expansion drawing parts such as the main rail. Actually assemble a mock-up of headwork and make patterns for the head timbers. Two days of theoretical and practical work with David Antscherl and Greg Herbert of Admiralty Models
Required tools will be minimal.  We will be supplying a laser cut knee of the head and headrails. Participants will have a simple homework assignment to do prior to the workshop (click here to download homework) but this shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. We will be incorporating multimedia to better appreciate the demonstrations presented. Oh, and we will be working in 1:36 scale to make it easier for the 99% of us who can no longer work without magnification.
Cost of the two day workshop will be $275. If interested please let me know so I can reserve a space for you. Please do not send a deposit at this time! Many details still need to be worked out. If you would like to attend please send an e-mail directly to me at
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Fully framed Echo cross-section by Greg Herbert

Previous Admiralty Models workshops

Previous Admiralty Model workshups have included the construction of a fully framed cross-section, painting friezes and flans and making realistic sails.
HMS Comet
Headwork by David Antscherl.